Our mentors are a cross section of the most forward-thinking, accomplished, connected, and well-resourced professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists, and thinkers at the intersection of real estate, technology, and the human experience. 

The cumulative experience our mentors bring to the table represents hundreds of years on the cutting-edge of real estate, entrepreneurship, and technology.  From deal making to product design, there's little they haven't seen. Through the MOTIVE Mentor Network, that experience is available to help every single one of our cohort members. 


Every founder in the MOTIVE program will be matched with specific mentors who can provide the most value to their situation. The matching process happens through both MOTIVE-facilitated pairing and an organic mentor matchmaking event. Beyond the paired mentors, every MOTIVE company has access to the full Motive Mentor Network. 


There's simply no substitute for experience. Through the generosity of our network, that experience is now available to each of our founders. From business model quandaries to deal making decisions, they're here to help our founders make the right decision the first time. 



Years of business building creates a few personal connections. Our mentors have volunteered to leverage their networks to help our founders succeed. These introductions could be the difference between weeks of wheel spinning and explosive progress.